Yuchen Pei

Hello! I am Yuchen. You have reached my personal website.

I am a programmer, mathematician and free software advocate.

I did a PhD in Mathematics and Statistics at the MASDOC program at Warwick, and spent some years in postdoc positions at CMSA at Harvard and the KTH RMSMA group. My research was on probability and algebraic combinatorics.

Since leaving academia I have been mainly working as a computer programmer. In my personal capacity I enjoy writing Emacs packages, and you can find many of them on my cgit instance.

As a free software advocate, I am an associate member and licensing volunteer of the Free Software Foundation, and a maintainer of GNU LibreJS and h-node.org. In my past academic life I also applied the philosophy of free software to knowledge and research. For example I shared my research in Robinson-Schensted algorithms as a wiki under a free Creative Commons license. I believe anyone can be an academic, seeking truth and sharing their findings with the public.

I can be reached at: id@ypei.org (PGP key: 47F9 D050 1E11 8879 9040 4941 2126 7E93 EF86 DFD0). Feel free to email me, whether you know me or not. I am also open to meeting up virtually over tea.

Views expressed on this website do not represent any organisations I belong to or associate with, past, present or future.